Reviews Of The Most Popular E Cig Brands On The Market

There are a lot of different e cig or electronic cigarettes brands that you can use. It is important that you consider as many as you can in order to find the electronic cigarettes that will work for you. If you are not using the right e cig then you are not going to be getting the full benefits of the device. Below are some reviews of the more well-known and commonly used e cig brands:

1. Blu Electronic Cigarettes

One of the popular e cig brands that you should consider looking at is Blu. There are many people who feel that this is one of the more classy looking devices. The design looks like a black tobacco cigarette with a blue light on the end. However, there are some people who are put off by the shiny exterior of the e cig.

The electronic cigarette comes with a black carry box. The carry box allows you to charge the electronic cigarette and offers a social feature that many people do not use. This social feature is a built-in radio that detects other Blu electronic cigarette users.

The liquid that is used in the e cigarette is 100% vegetable glycerine. This offers a thicker vapor which stays thick even when you exhale. There are a number of different flavors that you can get from Peach Schnapps to traditional tobacco.

2. The Safe E Cig

The Safe E Cig has taken a different approach to the electronic cigarette device than Blu. This e cig is trying to be as stealthy as possible as it looks as similar to a traditional cigarette as possible. However, this makes the cigarette boring for a lot of users. Of course, if you want to make people think that you are not using an electronic cigarette then this is the brand for you.

A problem with this brand is that many people have found that the batteries are not as good as they could be. The standard battery will last half a day with heavy usage and the large battery does not make the full day. The cartridges also fall a bit short of the mark as they generally lose power half way through their use. If you are going to use this brand you should invest in a spare battery and an extra cartridge.

3. Vapr4Life Electronic Cigarettes

Vapor4Life is a brand that a lot of people have heard of. If you want the world to know that you are smoking an e cig then this is the brand to get. The battery will come in a brown colour that is reminiscent of a regular cigar more than a regular cigarette. The diamond shaped tip will also light up a rather bright red which will tell everyone that you are using an electronic device.

The nicotine that you get from this device is among the best on the market. However, the design is a manual one which is not ideal for all users. The process of this electronic cigarette device will not start automatically when you take a drag and you will need to hit a small button on the battery to start the process. The battery lasts around 2 days with heavy usage which is good for most people.

In conclusion, there are various types of e cigs available for those looking to move from smoking regular cigarettes or cigars to electronic cigarettes. To choose the device most suited to you, you should do your research and find the one fitting to your personality.